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At Kingswood Home we appreciate that in choosing a care home there are many important details you need to know, here we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.


Can you set your own routine or are you obliged to follow the homes schedule for rising, eating, bathing, bedtime etc.?

We try to accommodate the requests of our residents as far as possible.

Is there a choice of menu for each meal?


Can you have a snack whenever you want?


Do you have regular activities?

There are a variety of activities on offer during the week and regular visits are made by outside entertainers.

Are there restrictions on when you can make or receive phone calls?

No, we are happy for residents to make or receive calls at any reasonable time, we have cordless phones so calls can be taken in the privacy of the resident’s own room. Residents can have their own phone installed in their room is they prefer.

Is the home no smoking?


Are residents involved in decisions about life in the care home?

We involve residents as much as possible in their life and care, we also
liaise closely with relatives and seek their views.

What arrangements are there for attending religious services?

Regular visits are made by clergy from all denominations.

Are rooms cleaned everyday?


Does the room have a secure place to lock valuables?

Yes, we have an insurance policy in place that covers residents possessions, however the amount is limited.

Is an individual care plan created for every resident when they move into the home?


Can the resident’s family be involved in creating the care plan?

Yes we always welcome input from family.

Is there a trial period?

Yes. We have a one month trial period so you can see if our home suits you.

What notice must be given if you wish to leave the home?

One months notice is required.